Finding Northampton’s Hidden Eatery

Isn’t it often how when you step off the clear marked paths, the ones you usually go down, your typical routine that you come across the best places to eat?

Well that very thing happened to me and Tasha on Saturday as we aimlessly roamed Northampton’s high streets, even wandering down St Giles street (winner of High Street of the Year 2015). Still after 20 minutes of hunting, nothing really took our fancy and the ones that did were full to the brim of shoppers at peak time on Saturday afternoon.

After 20 minutes the hunger pain started to grow and we were getting tired-some of trying to find somewhere to eat that wasn’t your typical high street chain. After taking the leap of faith and taking a random left turn at the top of St Giles street, down pass a row of Victorian terraces we landed at the bottom of the Derngate and straight into Foodies.Rocks

Relieved we found somewhere to sit down and finally place an order. We took in the industrial, rustic interior with triangle shaped tables, hammers for door handles and purposefully, crudely rough plaster covering the four walls. A friendly bar maid came over with a warm greeting and a different take on the stand ordering/menu system.

The quirky system is that you have a small menu with a thoughtful selection and a checklist. You select your dishes each priced at £5.00 (they recommend 2-3) and tick your drinks on the back. Pop up to the bar and pay. A simple, different but effective way of quick ordering.

The take on the food is small dishes of street food with their own twist on classic plates. Here’s a breakdown of what went for:

Mexican Street Corn

The biggest and badest corn on the cob I have ever had. Load with cheese spice. 7/10 could have done with some handles to eat, but otherwise fab dish.

Fish Tacos with Kiwi & Lime Sauce

Mini tacos filled with battered fish and a sauce with a kick. Perfect twist on a taco. Great size with lots of filling. 8/10.

Chicken Yakitori Skewers

Beautifully cooked chicken with a juicy glazing on sticks. Accompanied by a sea of spring onion and a yummy sticky rice dome. Tash poured over the soya sauce from the Pork Gyoza which went down a treat. 8/10 by far Tasha’s favourite. Improvement points would be an extra skewer, because we just couldn’t get enough of that chicken.

Pork Gyoza (Jiaozi)

My favourite dish of the day, dumpling with minced pork filling. With accompanied chop sticks and soy sauce. Left with a splendid taste and the desire for more. 10/10

Wash down with Dalstons Cola and a berry smoothie

Overall a great break for a tasty lunch spot away from the main street chains and busy coffee shops. Different but very tasty food with their own spin on things, washed down by hipster beers and drinks not commonly found in your local pub. Great meal out 9/10. Will definitely go back, next time at night to enjoy their music offering.

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