About Me

Currently 24, living in Northampton and in December 2016 I secured a graduate job with Barclaycard having graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2015 where I studied Law and Business.

Me and Natasha  – Christmas 2016

Over the past 6 years I have been involved in my own start up business buying and selling retro and modern video games and consoles (Loveday Entertainment, previously called Electroplay) and in 2016 I supported myself full time for 6 months while running Loveday Buyer which built relationships with charities to buy their video games and console stock and ultimately won £3000 from Entrepreneurial Spark winning the #GoDo award.

Aside from work and my studies I am currently saving up with my girlfriend to buy our first house, keen to travel more and get more into running. I love all thing to do with art, photography and architecture and have a keen interest in business, start-ups and property.

From the age of 10/11 till I graduated university aged 22, I suffered from depression which impacted my social and family life, hindered me getting involved with extracurricular activities and didn’t let me see my full potential in a school environment. I lacked self-confidence, had anxiety in speaking up for myself and making new friends and at my lowest self-harmed and had thoughts about suicide. My hope with this blog is that I can talk about my experiences and in a small way help others.

Every week I aim to post a new blog about my experiences and document my journey so far.